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See You In The Trenches

Welcome to the Trenches…


The entrepreneurial trenches are a hard place to be all the time.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses and in hard times you may not know where to turn.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a corporate structure behind you listening and validating your ideas with the ability to just make them happen?

Wait a minute….

Corporate structure made you crazyall the rules, red tape and too many people hijacking your amazing ideas just to be in favor with the big bosses.

STOP thinking about all of that and let us help you get to work on your business!

The team at My Clone Solution is here to help you get just enough corporate structure so you can grow without all the headaches.

Not only do we help you plan and execute your big ideas, but our masterminds and conversations in our client portal can help you work on idea validation and creativity if that is what you seek.

The form you see on this page is for you to tell us about your business and your pains.

  • What are you struggling with getting done? Why?
  • What do you think must be done to alleviate your business pains?

Fields are Not required…

But Please fill it out as completely as you can


Once we get the form you will receive an action plan so you can start relieving the pains today….

     automating tasks to save time,

     Evaluate your systems to save money &

     planning for future easy delegation

For FREE of course…

Simple as that. Our goal is to listen, diagnose and prescribe… Sound familiar?

Take 5 minutes and tell us your pain… Talk to you soon!

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