Should I Buy A Mac or PC? with Louis Ayoub of Intellitechs

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Mac VS PC …that is the age-old questions among those looking for a new computer. Macs have their strengths as well as their weaknesses. PC’s are the same. At the end of the day, it truly depends on what you plan on doing with your new computer. Today we have Louis W Ayoub from itelliTECH to answer this question.

Mac or PC: It Depends on What You’re Doing With Your Computer

Currently, the world runs on PC. Unless you’re specifically working in arts, such as music, graphic design or video editing, PC will generally be the preferred tool of choice for your work. All government, scholastic and most not art-based businesses use PC for their day to day functions. Mac’s biggest upside is that their hardware and software are made by the same company – typically these machines run longer. They are more expensive up front, but more often than not, you will get your monies worth.

The first question we typically ask is what sort of software do you plan on running? All software does not run the same on all systems and this is a fact.

Take for instance Quickbooks. Quickbooks was originally created to run on Windows but due to quickly growing diverse preferences, Quickbooks needed to adapt and is now available on Mac. Based on general user feedback, Quickbooks runs better on PC than Mac. Conversely, when it comes to using the full Adobe Suite, such as Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere or Audition, Macs are typically better suited for handling tasks of that nature. As you consider your purchase, be sure to assess your needs and the software you plan on using.

The components of PC computers are made by various companies which can lead to more break downs and potential failures if you don’t pay for a premium product. Keep this in mind when you’re considering the longevity of your machine.

Final Thoughts

Not only is the device you plan on buying important, but the devices you already own matter as well. If you own an iPad, apple watch, and iPhone, purchasing a Mac might make more sense for your overall lifestyle. Consider your budget, your needs, and the integration of your technology before you make a purchase. It will save you many unnecessary headaches in the long run.

Long story short? In the battle of Mac VS PC, focus on what you already have in terms of technology. Make a purchase that reflects your daily needs.

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