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COACH the COACH with Brook Borup

Business Radio X Interview with Lee Kantor and Stone Peyton talking about business owners, automation, delegation and more!

How To Ethically Clone Yourself with Brook Borup

This podcast was created for hungry entrepreneurs who are seeking motivation, digital marketing tips, personal development resources, and a nice dose of comic relief.

Automation, Delegation & Elimination

Brook breaks down the system she uses to help her clients automate, delegate, and eliminate tasks so make their business run smoothly and more efficiently

All the Crap that You Didn’t Know....

Brook goes over the unexpected twists and turns that comes with business ownership. She covers why delegation is so vital & how to get the admin help your company needs on a small business budget. You don’t know what you don’t know

Rocking Automation with Brook Borup

Did you know you can automate 40% of the daily tasks you do? It’s hard but you can plan it and do it. JUST DO IT!

Teaching The Skills To Clone Every Business Owner

This podcast is dedicated to helping it’s listeners implement confidence in all areas of their lives. Brook joins the podcast to discuss a common fear of business owners and teaches them how to let go to be more productive

Tampa Bay Business Owners

Brook has been a frequently contributor to the TBBO community. Check out some of her videos below

Full Interview With The CEO

In this interview, Brooks digs in about virtual assistants and other common tools business owners need for scaling.

Quality Control

Brook discusses why quality control is important and how to put systems in place to duplicate yourself and consistently grow your business.

Go Big or Go Broke Outsourcing with Brook Borup

Brooke realized that small business owners do not have the opportunity to have the support of an amazing assistant and My Clone Solution fixes this problem by providing dependable executive support and productivity for startup companies and small businesses.

Automated Sales Process to Increase Sales

In today’s age, speed is the currency. Speed of implementation is everything and the race to success is getting harder. Brook shows business owners how to get out of their own way to achieve success faster

Automate Your Network

For over a year Brook hosted a radio show on Network Live Virtual and was a guest on several other NLV shows. Brook’s time here led to the  idea of the membership platform for In The Trenches MBA

HEC - Hospitality, Entertainment & Cuisine

Formally HEC Brook educated other business owners on the skillset needed to grow their passion.

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