A Moper Or A Hoper? 4 Steps to Building A Better Business In The New Year

Road surrounded by greeneries with the word HOPE in it and "Are You a Moper or a Hoper" text above

Everybody views the New Year differently, but most people can easily be dumped into two categories:  The mopers and the hopers.  If you own a business and you are a moper, you need to switch teams and get your head in the game if you wish to be a better business.

Let’s look at the mopers first!  The idea of being done with one year and beginning another sets this sad individual into a tailspin!  The moper is focused on negativity and is stuck.  This is not a good place to be on a personal level, and it absolutely is not where you want to see your business.

A Fresh Start for the Team

For the hopers, the new year is seen as a fresh start, an exciting motivational factor.  This is a time for goal setting, planning, strategizing on how you can build a better business.  How can we increase productivity, build our client base, concentrate on retention?  It’s not about looking at last year’s numbers and dwelling on things that didn’t go as planned… and really, when does anything in life ever go as planned?

If you had a dollar for every snag you’ve run across, every idea that didn’t quite pan out, you’d be richer from these snafus than from your actual business.  Being an entrepreneur is not for wusses, as you have already learned, and the constant kinks along the way are just part of the fun.  Now is the time to channel that positive energy into being a better business in the coming year.

Solidify your employer/employee relationships.

If you have staff, work on building and strengthening bonds with those you employ.  You don’t have to be buddies with everyone who works with you, but relationships built on mutual respect and loyalty goes a long way.   The most important part of your business is the continuity and support of people who you trust.

Re-think your time management.

Oh, we are all so sick of reading about time management, aren’t we?  And do you know why we are still reading about it?   Because everybody still mismanages their time!   Two words:   Delegate.   Simplify.   Spend your time doing things that will grow your business, not things that grow on your nerves.  If you don’t have the staff to do it, outsource it.  Quit wasting time on things you don’t want to do, period.

Really get to know your customers.

Take the time to learn about them, talk to them, understand them.  Find out why they chose you over your competitors so that you can strive to continue living up to that expectation.  This knowledge will help you maintain a positive relationship with them, and you will gain valuable insight when marketing to new clients.

Recognize something that is weak, or needs work, and focus on that.

Maybe it’s a character flaw within yourself, maybe it’s a number goal.  Whatever the weakness, make a commitment to improve in this one important area. Improving weaknesses helps build a better business.

Goals are extremely important, but if you wish to be a better business this year try forging ahead with a positive outlook.  Be the better boss, provide exceptional customer service, and see how leaving negativity behind puts you in the forefront.

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