Welcome to in the Trenches MBA! If you are thinking that you need a website and you have never done it before here is the best place to start. Our killer real estate example will help you to understand all the pieces and parts of the process of getting a brand new website for your business.

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What Do I Need For A Website?
My Awesome real Estate Example!

A Domain (0:20)
- This is your address… get this piece first!
- You actually get to choose this
- You can have as many as you want
- Take Spelling into Consideration
- Keep it short and simple
- Always buy your name… you don’t want someone else owning your name!
- Can be your business name [myclonesolution.com]
- Can Describe what you do [projectmanagementpros.com]
- Can be location based [tampaadminpros.com]
- Don’t Forget the Options [nonprofithelp.org] [vaconnect.us]

Hosting (2:00)
- This is the Land Your House is Build On!
- There are a lot of options out there.
- Find a Trusted web developer to help with this.
- Depending on what you want to do with your house your plot of land matters greatly.
- Size Matters, Options Matter…Trust Your Ally.
- The wrong land can cost you sales, speed or sometimes your house may just disappear randomly
- OWN YOUR OWN LAND… No Matter what anyone says this land is not expensive. Those designers that require you to put your house on their land does not have your best interest in mind.
- You want your own account and you want to pay the bill. if your designer falls off the face of the earth you need to have control if only to give it to someone else.

Website (4:25)
- This is your house!
- It needs to be inviting, the right colors, the right content. the right pictures, the right offers, the right directions to get there without getting lost.
- The process of creating a website is a big plan with a lot of moving parts and needs.
- Find an ally to help with the planning. This may or may not be the person that will do the work.
- Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen designer.
- Do they have the ability to capture your needs?
- Can they translate you to your target client?
- Do they have the technical skill to do what needs to be done?
- Do you need additional help? Copywriters, Graphic Designer, Programmers

Recap (5:55)

Domain = Address
Hosting = Land
Website = House

Choose your BUILDER wisely

may not be the same person

Don’t Allow Anyone to Own Land or House…
Make sure you have all the keys and paperwork!

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