Destination College

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Meet Destination College

Lora Georgieva, the owner of Destination College, and her dedicated team have been on a mission to help students achieve their dreams of getting into their dream colleges. Not only that, but they’ve been saving families an average of $120,000+ through expert admissions guidance and by exploring extensive financial options, including grants and scholarships.

Client’s Request

What Destination College Asked For

Destination College and Lora Georgieva approached our web design agency with a vision to create a digital platform that would effectively communicate their expertise in college admissions and financial options. They sought a design that would highlight their commitment to helping students achieve their educational goals while easing the financial burden on families.

Client’s Additional Requests

Client's Request 1

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Our Solution

What Destination College Got.

Our team worked closely with Destination College and Lora Georgieva to bring their vision to life. The result is a website that embodies their mission of guiding students through the college admissions process while maximizing financial opportunities. The site features a user-friendly and informative design, offering students and families access to expert guidance and a wealth of financial resources.
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Our Solution

Empowering Functionality

Functionality Included

  • College admissions consulting services
  • Financial aid and scholarship guidance
  • Resources for college planning and preparation
  • Success stories and testimonials


  • Blog section for sharing valuable insights
  • Newsletter signup for updates and tips
  • Social media integration for wider reach
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Turning Challenges into Triumphs

Problem Solved.

The new website has transformed the way students and families approach the college admissions process. It serves as a valuable resource hub where expert guidance is readily available, and financial options are explored to make higher education more affordable. Destination College has helped countless students realize their dreams.

Client Testimonial

From Lora Georgieva

“Working with My Clone Solution was a game-changer for Destination College. They understood our passion for helping students and created a platform that resonates with our mission. Our website is now a trusted source for students and families seeking college admissions and financial guidance.”

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Discover Destination College’s Universe

Destination College and Lora Georgieva’s case study showcases our commitment to supporting organizations that empower students to pursue higher education while managing the financial aspect effectively. Contact us today to discuss your project and achieve your online goals!
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