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Dustie Amatagelo, FBI Home Services.

Dustie Amatagelo, the driving force behind FBI Home Services, had a mission—to make home repairs easy and stress-free for clients in the Tampa Bay area. The home inspection and repair process during real estate transactions can often be challenging. Dustie envisioned a solution that would simplify this process for agents and clients alike.

Client’s Request

What Dustie Amatagelo Asked For.


Dustie sought a website that would be a one-stop solution for agents and clients in need of home repairs. She needed a design that reflected professionalism, reliability, and efficiency. Dustie aimed to create a platform that would streamline the repair process, allowing agents to provide exceptional service to their clients.

Client’s Additional Requests

Client's Request 1

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Client's Request 3

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Client's Request 2

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Client's Request 4

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Our Solution

What Dustie Amatagelo Got.

Our team collaborated closely with Dustie to transform her vision into a digital reality. The result is a website that embodies the mission of FBI Home Services. The site features a clean and user-friendly design, simplifying the repair request process for agents and ensuring prompt responses from licensed and insured contractors.
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Our Solution

Empowering Functionality

Functionality Included

  • Easy repair request submission
  • Contractor matching and scheduling
  • Real-time repair status updates
  • Secure payment processing


  • Integration with real estate agent databases
  • Contractor licensing verification
  • Seamless communication tools for agents and contractors
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Turning Challenges into Triumphs

Problem Solved.

The new website has revolutionized the home inspection and repair process in the Tampa Bay area. It has reduced the administrative burden on agents and provided clients with a seamless experience. FBI Home Services now stands as a trusted partner in real estate transactions.

Client Testimonial

From Kerri Campbell

“Working with My Clone Solution was a game-changer for FBI Home Services. They transformed our vision into a user-friendly platform that simplifies the repair process. Agents can now focus on delivering exceptional service, and clients can have confidence in our licensed contractors. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

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Dustie Amatagelo and FBI Home Services’ case study showcases our commitment to streamlining complex processes and enhancing customer experiences. Contact us today to discuss your project and achieve your online goals!
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