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Hands on
“Get Stuff Done” Cruise

Choose Your Project & Get It Done With The Help Of the My Clone Team During 7 Days at Sea!

Each and every day, you are pulled in 10 different directions.

Do you feel like you don’t have the time to work on growing your business because you are too busy working in the business?

Do you feel like if you just sat down and did it with no distractions, you could accomplish the task?

What if you could sit down with a plan and an entire team at your disposal to get it all accomplished in just a few short days?

That is what the GSD cruise is all about… Are you ready to Get Stuff Done?


Get It Done Workshop...

Learning how to make your business better is one thing, but implementing it is another. That is why we never leave you hanging on the “GET IT DONE” part of this workshop. We will have all the helpful materials, all you have to do is be ready to work on your business strategy for growth and scalability.

This is what we call GSD with accountability.


Cruise Oct 12-19

Port of Miami 


Carnival Conquest
7 Day Itinerary

San Juan, St Thomas,

Dominican Republic,

Turks & Caicos


Pre Coaching

Weekly Sessions
August 1st – October 7th


What Do You Want To Get Done?

365 Days of Social Media

Imagine all your social media done for all of 2020 and beyond. We emphasize evergreen content. Our normal price is $800 a month for this 12 month package. Get it all done in 5 days during the GSD cruise.

Course Builder

Is an online course on your to-do list this year? Imagine outlining, scripting and recording your course during your GSD cruise. Our video editors and equipment are all on hand. 

Show Up Online

Need a new website? Need to add content that helps you get found? Want to work on driving traffic to your site? Depending on where you are now, the value of this package could range from $5k to $10k. GSD here we come! 

Automate Your Biz

Get onto a boat and step off the boat ready to crush your competition in customer service and profit margins. Create a productive plan for your staff going into the next year. 2020 will be your best year yet! 

Down The Funnel

So you need a funnel? Most of the time this means several steps, copy-writing, videos and more. The normal investment in creating 1 funnel could run you upwards of $3k. How about rocking out your entire sales process in 5 days? This is usually, 3-5 completed funnels.

Choose Wisely

Pick your project wisely and get ready to GSD. We’ll discuss your company and your goals during our pre-cruise sessions.

What Do You Want To Get Done?

What To Expect

  • 5 hours of implementation coaching prior to cruise day
  • Full plan and task list for both you and the staff prior to cruise day
  • Cruise Day 1: Lunch & Group Mastermind
  • Cruise Day 2: Work Day
  • Cruise Day 3: Group Excursion
  • Cruise Day 4: Work Day
  • Cruise Day 5: Work Day
  • Cruise Day 6: Work Day
  • Cruise Day 7: Work Day

Team Skills On-board

Your My Clone team consists of automation specialists, web designers, copywriters and graphic designers who will help your business with strategy, planning, and social media. We will have a photographer, videographer, video editor and specialists all on board ready to help your business get things done. 

Work Hard, Play Hard

We won’t be working the whole time. This is a cruise ship, remember? Come enjoy amazing food, time on the beach, pool days, stage shows, laughing, dancing and much, much more. For those of you that need mental breaks, a bit of meditation, exercise, or maybe even a trip to the spa, you have options. Just remember you want to GET STUFF DONE!

What About The Money: The Workshop

Your Coaching & Staff Workshop Investment Starts at $4500. This includes all the implementation, free coaching, all the staff time to get your project completed, all the fun and memories that we will have on the GSD Cruise! Payments plans available. 


What About The Money: The Cruise

We are working to finalize the cruise details. The current price of the cruise starts at about $900 per person. We are working to get a group discount with internet and some other perks included. Stay tuned as we work on the best deal for you. All payments are due by August 1st. 


Your GSD Cruise Team

The My Clone team is made up of project managers and administrative professionals that work tirelessly to give our small business clients  the ability to grow their businesses using the principles of systems, processes, automation, delegation and opportunity costs. These practices allow our clients to live in their superpower and leave the rest to us.

Brook Borup

Brook Borup

CEO & Lead Clone

Brook has been described as your Swiss Army Knife for Business. She’s a jack of all trades with the solution to almost any business pain. The solution may be in the form of a conversation, or good old fashioned hard work. Rest assured if there’s  something your business needs, Brook can show you the way!

Sarah Farnan

Sarah Farnan

Admin Clone

Sarah is our amazing team admin. She is always willing to be there at the drop of a hat and will pick up any task that needs completion. Her ability to learn and represent each one of our clients as a member of their team is truly a gift. There is nothing our team wouldn’t do for our most valuable asset – you!

Anna Cragin

Anna Cragin

Automation Clone

Anna’s experience in running multiple businesses for 7+ years gives her an insight into what needs to be done for things to run smoothly. She specializes in making different software play nice with each other, whether it’s for automating workflows, creating sales funnels, or wrangling websites. Anna’s attention to detail will ensure that no steps are overlooked.

Dawn Borup

Dawn Borup


Without this clone, this whole operation would not exist. You could probably see the resemblance in the cheek bones, but in case you couldn’t, Dawn is Brook Borup’s mother. Dawn brings 25 years of photography experience to the team and over 30 years of business ownership. Dawn is retired from the school system and is starting her third career by adding her talents to the My Clone team.

April Duron

April Duron

Admin Clone

April is an amazing part of the My Clone team. Her 10+ years in the business owner hustle puts her in a perfect position to take away some of those hats that you struggle with every day in your business. 

Sam Slagle

Sam Slagle

Video & Admin Clone

Sam has been with the my clone team on-call for a few years. He is now a full time team member that specializes in video editing, story boarding and general administrative tasks. Having Sam allows us to get a lot more of our daily tasks complete and our videos cranked out faster. 

VA House Philippines

Admin / Graphic Design

When we go to bed the team in PH gets busy working. When we wake up, tasks have been completed and we can move forward. This is how we make miracles happen with a 24/7 team. 

VA Team Trinidad

Admin / Editing / Graphic Design

When we need to have a team standing by, the Trinidad team is called to GSD. They rally to help you knock all the tasks out that are needed to achieve your goal. 

Freelance Team

Web / Development / SEO

Not everyone from the team can fly to Florida and join us on the ship, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be there in spirit. Based on the needs of our attendees, the rest of our team is standing by awaiting instructions. 

Raving Fans

Brook is a multi talented business development Sherpa! I like the fact that she has surrounded herself with top talent and her In The Trenches program is a great resource to connect with valuable professionals who are real players in their industries. I have found her services to be a huge time saver, quality work and fair and square price points as well. I was referred by a business associate and a year later she is my go to helper and guide.

Michael Watkins

CPA & Financial Advisor

Jenny Clark

Government Business Consultant

Elaine Williams

Coach / Comedian / Actress

If your challenge is getting things done then connect with Brook and watch what happens. On several occasions I have reached out to her in need and every time Brook helped Get it Done! From things you don’t want to do to those that are normally too time consuming, Brook finds a way to efficient project or task completion. With top notch project management skills to high level expertise with numerous productivity tools, Brook gets all kinds of administrative challenges done faster and better. Brook should be your Go To resource for all business tasks you just wish would magically get done.

Patrick Leask

Action Coach

Commit To Your Success Today!

  • The workshop price is per company. Your cabin, taxes and fees will be a seperate cost. We are working out a group rate with the cruise line to include your internet and our special meeting locations on the ship. Cruise pricing is per person and if you want us to pair you with a room mate we will or if you bring a spouse or partner you can do that as well. A minimum of 10 companies is needed to include the entire team on this cruise. We reserve the right to refund workshop money if the minimums are not met and arrangements cannot be made.
  • $0.00

brook! I can’t just buy this off a website.
I need to talk to someone first


You are going to have to learn to trust some things on the internet if you are going to be a digital marketer yourself, but for now it’s ok that you don’t.

We are happy to setup a time to talk to Brook or a member of the team to answer any questions.

Please use the button below to request a call from the My Clone Solution Team. We will happily answer any of your questions and get you ready to become an entrepreneur with a diversified business that can run itself!

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