NAOHP – National Association of Occupational Health Professionals

NAOHP has been supporting provider-based occupational health programs and professionals.
The National Association of Occupational Health Professionals (NAOHP) has been a driving force in the field of occupational health for over 35 years. Founded in the early 1980s, NAOHP has been dedicated to supporting provider-based occupational health programs and professionals in delivering the highest quality services. Their mission centers around helping providers establish partnerships with employers and workforces to manage healthcare costs and ensure individual health maintenance.

Client’s Request

What NAOHP Asked For.

NAOHP approached our web design agency with a vision to create a digital platform that would further their mission and serve as a resource hub for occupational health professionals. They sought a design that effectively communicated their decades-long commitment to excellence and their goal of facilitating partnerships between healthcare providers and employers.

Client’s Additional Requests

Client's Request 1

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Client's Request 3

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Client's Request 2

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Client's Request 4

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Our Solution

What NAOHP Got.

Our team collaborated closely with NAOHP to bring their vision to life. The result is a website that embodies the mission and history of NAOHP. The site features a professional and informative design, offering occupational health professionals access to resources, education, and a platform for networking and partnership building.
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Our Solution

Empowering Functionality

Functionality Included

  • Resource library for occupational health guidance
  • Continuing education modules and workshops
  • Networking forums for professionals
  • Membership registration and benefits overview


  • Social media integration for community engagement
  • Secure member login for access to exclusive content
  • Event calendar for industry-related activities
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Turning Challenges into Triumphs

Problem Solved.

The new website has transformed NAOHP’s ability to support occupational health professionals and promote partnership relationships between healthcare providers and employers. It serves as a central hub for knowledge sharing, networking, and continuing education, advancing the quality of occupational health services.

Client Testimonial


“Working with My Clone Solution was instrumental in elevating our online presence. They understood our history and mission and created a platform that resonates with occupational health professionals. Our website is now a thriving community where professionals come together for knowledge and partnership building.”

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NAOHP’s case study demonstrates our commitment to empowering organizations with a rich history and a vital mission to extend their reach and impact through a compelling online presence. Contact us today to discuss your project and achieve your online goals!
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