Rebelpreneur Radio with Brook Borup: How to Automate, Delegate, and Innovate Your Small Business

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Brook Borup was interviewed by Rebelpreneur Radio in x of x. In this interview, she chatted with Host Ralph Brogden about making the most of your time.

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Rebelprenuer Radio has a reputation of helping small businesses increase revenue. When it comes to automation and delegation for small business, no one does it better than Brook Borup. Driven by the desire to see small business owners spend more time away from their business doing what they love, Brook has developed systems and methodologies helping countless business owners around the world. Whether it’s growing your business by passively attracting leads or creating automation sequences to spend less time on marketing, Brook has a back-end tool to get your business moving in the right direction.

Takeaways from Brook’s Rebelprenuer Radio Interview

Below you can find the high-level takeaways from the Rebelprenuer Radio interview. For all the juicy tidbits, listen to the full interview above.

How did you get started?

I used to work in hospitality where supporting 19 C-Level executives. My job was to make processes in order to be productive. Through my work with process automation, I was able to help executives streamline data traffic and enable their work to flow.  Working at that level gave me a wealth of knowledge, but I was an entrepreneur at heart. In January of 2014, I decided to start my own business, and here we are 5 years later.

What do you do?

Automation, delegation, and business optimization focussed on business operations. Our goal as a company is to empower small business owners to focus on their strengths and have their weaknesses automated. In the end, we allow business owners to focus on their professional growth. That’s a golden ticket when it comes to being a small business owner in today’s market.

What’s the core lesson listeners of Rebelprenuer Radio should take from this interview?

I want business owners to know they can save time and money by optimizing their business through automation. You don’t need to waste time, energy, and money trying to be a role you are not cut out to be. Sure, there are some growing pains as you put processes in place, but unlike the alternative, you only have to get through it once. Instead of simply having a website, you can put it to work for your business.

How do you help people learn to delegate?

I always start by telling them to start with what they hated doing. Delegate the follow-up calls you hate. Or for a more basic example, hire someone to clean your house if you hate cleaning your house. You can get so many hours back. To get a value assigned to that, consider your hourly. If you sell your time for $75 an hour and it takes two hours to clean your house, hiring someone to clean your house for $50 is a no-brainer.


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