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Nick Snapp
Nick Snapp
Innovative Project & Technical Business Manager

Before I met Brook with My Clone Solution I was spending way too much time doing things that weren’t worth my time. Brook showed me how to work with a Virtual Assistant and it was amazing how much of a load off it was for my business. Now, my first reaction when I’m going to start something new is, “should I do this myself, or outsource it?” Brook is building an amazing education platform for online business owners and I’m excited to continue to learn from her.

Sonya Thurston
Sonya Thurston

Hi, I’m Sonia from Thurston Walker Travel, and this is my first and wonderful experience with Brooke and her team. GSD is a wonderful product. I look forward to spending more time with Brook learning more. Please join us on the GSD Cruise. It’s going to be a fantastic cruise. Learn and work all in one week to meet your goals. Thank you. 

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