What am I doing wrong in sales with Ben Brown of 360 Sales Consulting

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Sales Process Mistakes: What You’re Doing Wrong

So, what are your sales process mistakes? You’re assuming. In Ben’s world, the first rule of sales is that there are no assumptions. Everything needs to be ruled out by questions.  Asking questions helps you truly understand if you’re able to help a potential customer or not.

For most of us, those assumptions come from a place of fear. This fear prevents you from asking the right questions.

Sales Discovery Questions: The Three Questions You Need to Ask

These three questions are going to help you avoid mistakes in your sales process. Why? Because they let you know if the person you’re talking is the right person to sell to. Not everyone you meet will be a good fit for the product or service. Most sales process mistakes are rooted in the idea that you just need to make a sale instead of finding the right customer.

  1. Are they the decision-maker?
  2. Can they afford the product?
  3. Will they benefit from the service?

Every question in the sales process is creating movement, qualifying the customer, and telling you whether or not you can truly serve them. By confidently asking questions and overcoming the fear of rejection, you’ll find that you stop talking to unqualified customers and start signing qualified customers quicker. You won’t experience sales slumps when you’re constantly discovering people who actually want and need your product.

In short: Asking questions will improve your sales because it will improve your knowledge. Knowledge is power! The more you know, the easier it is to find qualified prospects. In our next segment, we’ll be discussing why it’s so important to ask questions in the sales process. For now, catch up on our last videos for a few golden nuggets that will help you improve your sales:


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