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Wouldn’t it be great if you could teach someone to do all the tasks that you do daily, weekly, monthly, annually?

If you wanted to sell your business today and you had nothing in place it could take you 3-7 years to get your asking price. This is because your business can’t run without you.

This is where we extract your processes and create standard operating procedures.

If you are looking to hire someone this service will give you the ability to know how many hours you need, what the job description is and what type of person would be right for the job.

This is a multiple birds, one stone scenario.

$125 per hour

Do you have a software system in place that helps you run your business?

The one that keeps all your contacts in one place, automation, marketing, project management, segmentation and more.

This is the backbone of your ability to stay out of overwhelm.

Just be ready and willing to try something new and get out of your own way.

$500 Setup of Active Campaign

  • Add Coaching $125 per hour
  • Add Copywriting $1000 per 3k words
  • Add Data Cleanup and Management
  • Add Funnels & Pipelines