How To Set Up Email In Gmail and Color Code

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In this video, we’ll learn how to set up email in Gmail and Color Code. You can sign in to all your email accounts right from Gmail. No more having to log into several addresses each day! This replaces Microsoft Outlook! If you need more help after this video, feel free to go here, and complete the form telling us what your business needs.

Why Set Up Email in Gmail and Color Code?

Essentially, adding multiple email addresses to your Gmail account saves you precious time by allowing you to log in to just one account instead of several at once. This way, you can easily access everything from one place, and you can color-code everything for quicker navigation. Your inbox will be more organized, simpler, and easier.

In business, we often have several emails, especially if you’re set up for G Suite with your website. This can make it nearly impossible to keep track of everything.  If you have to keep logging into each account separately, you’re going to go crazy! And let’s face it; as business owners, we don’t have time for such trivial tasks!

Every step you need to successfully set up email in Gmail and color code each one is discussed in our video. Keep an eye on our blog for more instructional videos and informational pages. Enjoy!

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