Social Media Q&A: How Do I Make the Most Out of a Podcast Interview?

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Hey Brook, I was interviewed on a podcast. How do I make the most out of it for my own content?

This is a fun one because very rarely do business owners know how to capitalize on this opportunity for their own benefit. They think that just because they put in the time for the interview that new clients will flock to their services. That is not the case most of the time. However, there are huge perks that you get from it.

1. Promote the podcast appearance to all your captured audiences. Send an email with the link, post it on your social the day it launches. Post it again a couple of days later.

2. Create posts that can be added to your social media calendar to promote the episode more times in the future. Podcasts don’t usually go away so you should be good to go here.

3. In some cases you can get a copy of the audio or video and put it on your own website and push people to check it out while driving traffic to your site. Write a blog post about it that has all the keywords you talk about to increase your SEO.

4. Add it to your LinkedIn Profile for your connections to see.

5. Add it to your media page so you can reference it when looking for more shows and stages to be on.

6. Extract the audio and put it on your speaker reel if you are interested in doing more speaking.

7. Extract the audio in sound bites to have as audio/video social posts, stories, reels, and more.

8. Make sure you provide value in every single interview and make sure the show host knows what you are doing to help them grow their show too. They may find you even more valuable stand out because you do more for them than the average guest.

If you do any or all of these things you have just made 1 piece of content into several. I usually can get 10-20 pieces of content from one 45-minute interview even with the chit-chat!

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