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LinkedIn Lead Generation

Want more leads?
Linkedin has them…
We Can Help You With The Work!

Did You Know…

Lead Generation can be Done For You!

The stat from 2018 was that 82% of all NEW B2B business came from LinkedIn. That is a big number even if the stats are padded. 

Did you get any leads from LinkedIn last year?
How about this year? 

Why are you not taking advantage of LinkedIn? 

Hmmm… Well you don’t know what you don’t know right?

Just think, what if good interested responses came to you on LinkedIn?

Would you be interested in responding to them? 

We work with you to make that happen. Interested? Keep Scrolling. 

What we do

profile validation & sales

We build up on your credibility by getting your clients, coworkers, and friends to say nauseatingly awesome things about you.

We help jumpstart your sales by utilizing the contacts you already have.

niche targeting

We spy on all your new potential prospects, then turn them into your friends.

We don’t stop there, though. Once you’re connected, we’ll initiate conversation and warm up the lead your friend.


lead generation plan & messaging

While you’re sipping wine or taking a bubble bath, we’ll be hard at work developing your LinkedIn Lead Gen strategy. This plan will include 1200-1500 outbound LinkedIn Messages a month. Just sit back and respond.

What They’re Saying?

I just signed up for the paid subscription for LinkedIn. BTW, Vanessa got a great lead from an HR manager at Moffit thru LinkedIn, that said they were going to be hiring several international employees (some of our best clients)! We are already working with the first one.

Happy LinkedIn Lead Gen Client 
Happy LinkedIn Lead Gen Client

Hi, I’m Judi Snyder with Homestretch Financial and I just attended Brook’s LinkedIn class. I have to tell you, from being ‘linked out’ for so long this has helped me to become LinkedIn. I’m really excited to implement some of the information that I’ve learned today.

Judi Snyder 
Judi Snyder

Brook is a multi-talented business development Sherpa! I like the fact that she has surrounded herself with top talent and her GSD program is a great resource to connect with valuable professionals who are real players in their industries. I have found her services to be a huge time saver, quality work and fair and square price points as well. I was referred by a business associate and a year later she is my go-to helper and guide.

Michael Watkins Owner
Michael Watkins

Hi, I’m Barry Presley and I just attended Brook’s GSD workshop and I have to say it was so incredible. I’ve been to a lot of workshops and this was a working Hands-On Workshop about LinkedIn. My LinkedIn profile will never be the same and I’m so excited to learn all the messaging capabilities that have just intimidated me over the years. It was the coolest thing and everybody should do it. Thanks so much.

Barrie Pressly 
Barrie Pressly

How It Works


Step 1

Account Set-Up & Copywriting

To start, just click one of the buttons to get your LinkedIn Lead Generator set up with My Clone Solution. We’ll send you an email with all the links you need to get started.

This step involves a 1 hour call to discuss your business goals, products and target market.

Then we get to work writing your new profile and messaging scripts.

Step 2

Overview Call

A project manager will call you to go over your scripts, audience, and other details before we get started. This is so we can help you fine-tune your details for a maximized response.

Step 3


Once all the pieces are in place, you’ll be put onto a consistent schedule each week where you’ll get to reply to all the inquiries we’ve gathered for you throughout the week.

Need More?

Pricing & FAQ’s

We are glad you landed here when looking for this great service. We are a bit special because we get involved in your brand. After all we don’t do contracts. 

How do you charge for this service?

Our service is subscription based. We do the initial setup and once you have signed off on all of your messaging then we send you the link to start part 2. Your monthly date calculates and charges to you card from there. All we ask is a 30 day cancellation so we can protect our workflows and staffing. 

Can I Edit My Scripts or Target?

Yes, we actually encourage it and plan for it. If you are getting weird messages back or unfavorable responses just communicate with us. We want to make you happy, we don’t have any contracts remember. 

Whats the secret?

No secrets here. We teach you about our methods and the why behind what we do. The biggest problem with lead generation is time. How many hours would it take you to send 1500 messages a month?
Yup, that’s what we thought. 


  • Targeted Connection
  • LinkedIn Campaign Messages
  • Connect & Engage
  • 2 Levels Deep

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