The Intuitive Entrepreneur Show with Host Carol Boston & Guests Brook Borup & Leanne Kirby – May 3, 2023

Brook Borup, CEO of MCS, and Leanne Kirby, a prominent figure in the company, were invited as distinguished guests on ‘The Intuitive Entrepreneur Show‘ Join us as we delve into Brook’s remarkable journey and expertise in scaling businesses through effective systems and processes, alongside insights from Leanne Kirby. Hosted by Carol Boston, this episode centers around Brook and Leanne’s invaluable contributions, offering entrepreneurs the keys to achieving absentee ownership and establishing robust training processes. Discover how their experiences and strategies can transform your business, from turning challenges into positive opportunities to accessing higher wisdom and infusing magic into your operations.

Grab your notebook and embark on this enlightening journey in the ‘Courage to Confidence’ segment on The Intuitive Entrepreneur Show!

Here are the Official show notes, Enjoy!

00:02:44 Channeling higher self-energy for wisdom and manifestation.
00:05:48 Speaking in front of coaches, mind blown. Empowering questions start without “why”. Defensiveness, ego, and emotions hinder intelligence. Anger leads to regretful words.
00:08:25 Joel Osteen, Joyce Myers, and Galala Collective
00:11:29 Systems and processes for growth and scaling.
00:15:25 “Book changed my perspective on business.”
00:18:16 Support, guidance, and implementation for entrepreneurs.
00:22:31 Lost job, spent 401k, found new opportunity.
00:26:33 Business coach overcomes self-doubt and finds clarity.
00:29:04 Early bird thanks viewers and offers help.
00:02:44 As a trance channel, I allow higher wisdom to flow through me. We work at a deeper level than the law of attraction, teaching manifestation and reframing negative experiences for empowerment and accessing magic.
00:05:48 As a speaker, I learned that empowering questions should not start with “why” because it triggers defensiveness and emotions, leading to decreased intelligence. People often regret saying things when angry or in other emotional situations.
00:08:25 The person is discussing Joel Osteen, and Joyce Myers, and their different approaches. They mention being in between them and ask about the Galala Collective Society that Leanne works in.
00:11:29 When building systems and scaling, think like an absentee owner. Create job descriptions and role-based tasks for efficient delegation. Training is included for easy turnover. Be a leader, not a micromanager.
00:15:25 Someone gave me a book, initially disliked it, reflecting on my successful corporate career.
00:18:16 CEO management offers implementation and handholding for coaches and consultants, providing accountability structures and intensive work sessions to help clients achieve their goals. They also assist with copywriting, website building, and organizing business processes for potential sales.
00:22:31 After losing a job and savings, prayer leads to unexpected opportunities and humorously closed doors.
00:26:33 Adopted “business leadership coach” moniker, hired coach, realized not all clients will do the work, but still excels in coaching.
00:29:04 Thank you all, be confident and take action.

Questions Answered in this Episode

1. How do you think having a system in place with documented tasks and job descriptions can benefit a business’s growth and scalability?
2. What are your thoughts on the idea of being an absentee owner in a coaching business? Do you think it’s possible for a coach to just show up and do the thinking without having to set appointments or sell?
3. The speaker mentioned the concept of a coach-to-coach program, where others can be taught to be coaches using the original coach’s name. What do you think about this idea? Do you think it’s a legitimate way to scale a coaching business?
4. The speaker talked about the importance of having a process that can be delegated. How do you think this can help someone else take over and be a coach in the business?
5. The speaker emphasized reframing challenges positively. How do you think reframing negative experiences can empower individuals and change the direction of their life?
6. The guest mentioned working with a trance channel that accesses higher wisdom and teaches about manifesting and reframing experiences. What are your thoughts on these practices? Do you believe in accessing higher levels of knowledge and magic?
7. The host and guest discussed the importance of taking action in business decisions rather than relying solely on feelings. How do you strike a balance between intuition and action in your own entrepreneurial journey?
8. The speaker mentioned helping clients make decisions and emphasized the importance of owning one’s decisions. How do you approach decision-making in your own business? Have there been any instances where you struggled with taking ownership of a decision?
9. The speaker adopted the title of “business leadership coach” and mentioned gaining clarity about their strengths as a coach. What do you think are the essential qualities of a business leadership coach? How do you define your own coaching strengths?
10. The guest mentioned the impact of mindset on client income growth and discussed working with a new coach to focus on their own mindset. How do you prioritize mindset work in your coaching practice? How do you support your clients in developing a positive mindset for success?

Key Topics

Primary Topic: The Journey to Entrepreneurship
– The speaker’s background in corporate America
– Struggles to secure a job despite previous success
– Receiving unexpected help to attend a business school
– The importance of reframing challenges positively

Primary Topic: The Role of an Absentee Owner in Coaching
– Coaches can focus on coaching instead of selling
– Examples of successful coaches who prioritize high-paying clients
– The idea of creating a coach-to-coach program
– Packaging the coaching system for licensing or franchising purposes

Primary Topic: The Speaker’s Business and Services
– Testimonial from a client praising the speaker’s implementation skills
– Working with coaches and consultants to assist with client implementation
– Handholding and accountability structures for achieving goals
– Intensive work sessions for specific tasks
– Helping a client organize their business processes in preparation for selling

Primary Topic: The Higher Self and Reframing Experiences
– Introduction to a trance channel that accesses higher wisdom
– Going beyond the law of attraction and teaching about manifesting
– The power of reframing negative experiences to change one’s life

Primary Topic: Personal Journey and Mindset Work
– Work experience in sales at AT&T
– Family’s perspective on leaving corporate America
– The speaker’s role as a business leadership coach
– Hiring a new coach to work on mindset
– Understanding that not all clients will do the work
– Gaining clarity about the speaker’s strengths as a coach

Overall Theme: Entrepreneurship, Coaching, and Personal Growth

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