The Scaling Edge By Michael Brooks – Build to EXIT or RETIRE WORKING ft. Brook Borup – Jul 18, 2023

At My Clone Solutions, we’re ardent advocates of the transformative power of personal branding and its far-reaching impact on the business landscape. Today, we are thrilled to unveil an exciting collaboration that encapsulates our unwavering belief in the value of personal branding! Our visionary founder, Brook Borup, recently took the spotlight as an esteemed guest on ‘The Scaling Edge’ podcast, hosted by the dynamic Michael.

In this captivating episode, Brook draws from her wealth of experience to shed light on a pivotal theme: ‘Building a Business with the Endgame in Mind.’ She passionately discusses the indispensable factors that entrepreneurs must consider on their journey, from strategic planning and scalability to the art of crafting a highly valuable brand.

Discover how to maximize your business’s value, whether you’re planning an exit strategy or aiming for operational excellence. Join us in uncovering actionable insights for success in this transformative podcast.

Here are the Official show notes, Enjoy!

00:00:25 Scaling Edge welcomes Brooke, and shares the foundation for business scaling.
00:06:38 Can the business run without you?
00:08:39 Exit strategy: streamline and automate business processes.
00:12:51 Started company as VA service, evolved into automating tasks.
00:16:08 Exciting service for order amidst chaos. Need help?
00:18:10 Brookoffers valuable service for entrepreneurs.
00:00:25 Host Michael Brooks welcomes guest Brookto discuss the importance of laying a foundation to scale a business with an exit strategy in mind. Being able to build, scale, and sell a business is seen as a significant accomplishment and a life-changing opportunity. Brookshares her expertise in helping companies prepare for this process.
00:06:38 First question from a broker: Can the business run without you? If no, create a business binder with all processes.
00:08:39 I helped a surveying company create systems and processes to prepare for an exit. It took 5 hours and cost $1,000. Other companies with more products take longer. Financial changes are needed too for a higher valuation and a smooth sale.
00:12:51 Started as a VA service, evolved to help business owners automate tasks, identify job roles, and reduce labor costs by developing systems and processes.
00:16:08 Brookprovides services to bring order to chaos, and people can find her for assistance.
00:18:10 Thank you, Brooke, for being part of our program. Consider selling or running your business more efficiently for a vacation. Brookoffers valuable services, recommended for entrepreneurs. Thank you for being part of the program. See you next time.

Questions Answered in this Episode

1. What are the advantages of building a business with the exit in mind?
2. How can a business owner differentiate between being an entrepreneur and having a job?
3. What are some ways to prepare a business for owner transfer or sale?
4. How long does it typically take to set up a business for a successful sale?
5. What role does having standard operating procedures (SOPs) play in preparing a business for transfer?
6. Can a business run without the owner? Why is this important for a successful sale?
7. How does developing SOPs help business owners become more productive and hire more team members?
8. Can you give an example of a success story of a business that was prepped for an exit strategy?
9. What are some potential roadblocks or challenges that business owners may face when preparing for a business transfer?
10. How can business owners work with business brokers and other professionals to ensure a successful exit strategy?\

Key Topics

  1. Importance of Laying a Foundation for Scaling and Selling a Business
  2. The Excitement and Sense of Accomplishment of Selling a Business
  3. BrookBorup’s Experience in Preparing Companies for Scaling and Ownership Transfer
  4. Differentiating Between a Business Owner and an Entrepreneur
  5. Creating a Plan for Growth, Scaling, and Business Exit
  6. Examples of Ownership Transfer to Employees through SOPs
  7. Role of Planning and Team Compatibility in Ownership Transfer Success
  8. Brooke’s Role in Setting Companies Up for Success Before Involving a Business Broker
  9. Average Timeframe for Preparing a Company for Sale (3 to 5 Years)
  10. Importance of Creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  11. Developing and Organizing SOPs in a Digital Binder
  12. Impact of SOPs on Owner’s Workload and Productivity
  13. Hiring and Delegating as the Business Scales
  14. Success Stories of Companies Prepared for Exit Strategies

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