My Clients Googled This To Find Me

You’ve heard us talk about knowing your audience. Here we are going to take a step further to discover exactly what your target audience is Googling to find you.

These days, if you want to know something, Google is always the first point of reference. If your potential clients can’t find your product or service in a simple Google search, you’re missing out on a flurry of potential sales.

Hint: You might need SEO help.

In order to capitalize on this untapped market, first go to Google.

Type in the problem that your product or service helps to solve. What sort of solutions do you see? Does your solution align with the popular answers your target clients are looking for? You may need to reconsider how you go about your product offering.

Try googling “best solution for [the problem you are trying to solve]”

Again, does your product, service or company appear during your google search?

Let’s consider SEO strategies for finding your target audience. 

How to Combine Killer Content + Clients Pain Points to Establish Authority & Gain Hot Leads to Find Your Audience

Last week we talked about what your target client is Googling.

This week we’re going to shift our focus a bit to the key behind what helps your potential clients find you.

In the coming year, content will be king. If your organization is not consistently producing high-quality content, your target clients will have a hard time finding you.

Creating compelling content that your audience wants to read significantly increases your credibility and your ability to be found or find your audience. 

When you’re able to combine knowing what your ideal target clients are looking for and the creation of rich, engaging, content, you’re able to create and leverage an abundance of massive opportunities for your business to take advantage of.

Personal Blogs

Blogs are a great place to start when it comes to building your digital content because you are in complete ownership of your blog, not Facebook, not Google, just you.

With having original content on your own platform, neither FaceBook, Medium or any other platform can change algorithms affecting who sees your content (It’s a bit more complicated than that, but Facebook algorithms and viewership is a story for another blog post). Ultimately, you are in full control of driving traffic to your page.

Using Other Platforms to Find Your Audience

Other great outlets to feature your content include Medium, LinkedIn Articles, FaceBook, Twitter, Youtube, and even Google My Business.

Google My Business has a posting section – which Google loves when it comes to your overall SEO ranking. (Hint: Combining Google+ and Google My Business with a consistent theme helps the “crawlers” validate your content)they

Here’s a challenge for this week: Go create pieces of content to put in each of the above-mentioned places. In a month, Google the same question you asked this week. Did you see a difference?  I want to know!


Solve Their Problems and They’ll Love You Forever

The most popular content shared on the web centers around solving a problem for your audience.

There are over 63,000 search queries done per second on Google. That translates to over 5.5 billion searches per day, which equates to over 2 trillion Google searches done a year.

What’s the point here? People are constantly seeking answers.

Creating online content gives you the opportunity to be an industry expert in your niche, driving traffic to your website, resulting in more engagement, sales, and appointments.

Create Content on What You Love

When you create content based around areas you are truly an expert in, it gives your audience life. They can feel your energy bleeding through your content, which will eventually drive them to your desired action.

What do you love? Teach about that.

Spend time talking about and creating content centered around the things that you love (or hire someone to do it for you) but don’t force it.

Nothing is worse than being hooked by a click-baity title to then read a dry, uninspiring article. Please, don’t do this to your audience. You said you cared about them, right?

Include a Call to Action

Don’t forget, always include a call to action with your content, because even if it’s something a small as asking your audience to take two deep breaths in the morning when they first open their eyes, they’ll gain value from it. 

Asking your audience to do something forges a bond between you and them, increasing the possibility for them to re-visit your content, subscribe, share, and ultimately become a customer.

Whenever possible, link back to your own website for more content to build your credibility as an industry expert and strengthen your overall SEO with internal linking.

Content Channels and Collaboration 

Most recently, we covered the importance of having good content when it comes to your target audience finding you.

Having compelling content is necessary for driving traffic to your site and establishing yourself as an industry heavyweight because it gives people a reason to visit. 

What we haven’t covered are the types of content your organization can produce. Right now, we’re just beginning to scratch the surface of what we can do as content creators because we’re still a ways away from the true content golden age (augmented reality will shake things up).

Content Types

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about content types.

Content doesn’t exclusively have to be blog articles (though we do recommend having that at a bare minimum). Content can be long and short-form social media posts across various channels such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Very short-form blurbs work great on Twitter and Instagram. Depending on your organization’s media capabilities, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook video can be utilized to find your audience. 

Following the current trends, we predict that FaceBook and Instagram Live will be very popular across a multitude of industries.

Find Your Audience for Greater Success

Aside from these, podcasts are another great way to reach your target audience with quality content. Try collaborating with others in your industry to share exposure to each other’s audience to grow your brand’s reach. Don’t fear collaboration, embrace it to find your audience.

If you’re nervous that your product or service isn’t the best compared to your peers, collaborate with those in cross industries. For example, if you’re an SEO company, seek out content marketers and leverage their audience through shared collaboration.

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