How Hire When You Don’t Have to Train Employees

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We’re back with Jenna Zaffino! Today we’re talking about how to hire employees when you don’t have the time to train. Training employees can be difficult, but if you start putting a loose process in place before you begin hiring you’ll be in a better position to minimize the amount of time you spend training.

Creating a Rough Employee Training Manual

Before you even think of posting a job listing, you need to understand what tasks you are hiring for. Start by writing down everything you do in a given day. From the moment you walk through the door or sit down to the computer, write it all down. Once you have a list of these elements, you have an understanding of what a day working in your business actually looks like. This also acts as a rough training manual that can help you expedite the process of training employees.

As you train employees by these manuals, have them critique them. Ask what is unclear, what doesn’t make sense, and what they wish was included in the manual. With each new employee, you can improve the systems and procedures that comprise your training manual. Think of it the way a nutritionist would. Step one is logging everything you eat to understand what your diet looks like. By doing the same with your business, you can identify where it makes sense to hire.

Understand the Roles You Need to Hire

For example, if you look back on this list and see that the vast majority of your day is spent on useless paperwork: The first role you should hire is admin assistance or data entry professional. Especially when the business is young or in a growth phase, you need to make sure that you’re creating breathing room for yourself to bring more money through the door. Likewise, figure out what you’re not good at and create a role for it. Hiring new employees requires you to optimize your labor costs by hiring the right roles at the right time.

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