Why We Use Acuity Scheduling [VIDEO]

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In this blog, we’re going to learn about Acquity scheduling.

Welcome to in the Trenches MBA! In this video we’re gonna talk about Acuity Scheduling and why we use it for our clients over other scheduling software’s that are out there. If you need more help after this video feel free to go here http://bit.ly/3tasksfree to get some free advice on which one is best for your situation.

Why We Use Acuity Scheduling For Our Clients

All the Normal Options of a Scheduler (0:13)
• Email Integrations, Reminders, and Out of Office Notices

What Acuity has Others Don’t…(0:39)
• Sell Products #1 (0:36)
• Use Promo Codes (0:54)
• Sell Gift Certificates (0:13)
• Advanced Direct Integrations that Lead to an Automated Business (1:26)
• Direct Product Links for Sales Pages(1:54)
• Upsells Options (2:27)

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