Welcome to in the Trenches MBA! In this video we’re gonna talk about Insightly and why we use it for our clients that need a solid process in place for sales, projects and reminders for internal staff. Learn the best functions, pros and cons that would tell you that insightly might be the right project CRM for you.

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Insigthly is an Process CRM

Primary Function… (0:13)
• Contact Management
• Process Timelines for Sales or Projects
• Notifications for Timelines
• Unlimited Email Templates
• Direct Integration to Zapier, Quickbooks Online, and Others.

• Direct Gmail, Imap and Pop Integration with Gmail Extension
• Direct Links from Dropbox, Google Drive…
• Apps for All Devices
• Great for teams that share parts of the process and files
• Huge Database of How to Videos
• Really Good Reporting and Filters
• Great Price point for users
• Mass Email Inside The Program

• Automation is severely limited unless integrated with another tool
• Not the choice for digital marketers
• NO options if you wanted to add NEW features
• Storage Space is Limited

• As of Feb 2017- Suggested Tier $15-35 per User
• Upgrades Primarily based on it of contacts & number of daily mass emails

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