How to Leverage Video Marketing for Your Business

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Video marketing: You’ve heard about it everywhere. It’s the leader of content types, after all. Today we have Joel Freedman from 2 Hungry Dogs Productions to talk about the basics of video marketing for business. In this edition in Google My Business Problems, he’s going to teach us about why video marketing is important, making videos people want to engage with, looking good on camera, and finally… What types of videos to create for your business!

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Why is Video Marketing So Powerful?

Video is the king of content right now. And for good reason. 

First, it hits two senses: sight and sound. As a law of human nature, the more senses you can activate in your viewers the better. Human beings are programmed to respond to other people, we want to see their facial expressions and emotions in others. Second, you get more reach! Google loves video. You’ll get more traffic value from video with less investment up front. Third, it captures attention. Last but not least, the easiest way to convey your message is through video storytelling. 

Don’t worry if you can’t perfect this immediately. It takes time! Practice makes perfect.

How Do I Make Videos that People Will Want to Watch Until the End?

In order to get customers to watch until the end, you have to make them interested in watching your video in the first place. You have to get them to click on it! First, Joel suggests doing the research ahead of time to figure out what your potential viewers are asking. Second, he advises that you should spend a lot of time on the headline. Third, a thumbnail that is eye-catching. These three elements will help your viewers determine whether or not they want to click. 

Once they have clicked, you have about 6 seconds to convey to the viewers why they should continue watching your video. If you haven’t gotten their interest quickly, they’re moving on. To capture their interest, make sure you’re identifying their question and speaking to it immediately. Make sure they understand that you have the solution, too. 

At the end of the video, make sure you’re giving them a call to action. Do not assume that they will just go explore your website or fill out your form. Tell them exactly what to do and what will happen after they take that action. For example: “Fill out the form and we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your video marketing strategy.” 

How to Look Good On Camera

Speaking of getting users to watch you until the end, looking good on camera is a big part of that. Here are quick tips you can use to look good on camera.

  • Dress for being on camera. Present yourself the way you want to be seen. 
  • Avoid wearing red. The camera can ‘bleed red’ easily. 
  • Avoid anything with large amounts of white and black; the camera will have to adjust for these extreme contrasts. 
  • Avoid stripes and checkered prints to help the camera adjust properly. 
  • Check your background. Is it too bright? Too dark? Make sure that you have a clean and clear background. If you can, purchase a green or blue screen.
  • Look directly at the camera. Eye contact is important for making that connection. 
  • Follow the rule of thirds. Imagine a tic-tac-toe board on your screen. Where the lines intersect are the most important areas of your video. 
  • Use a tripod when possible. Shaky cameras are hard to look at. 
  • Keep your makeup natural. You don’t want to distract with red lipstick. 
  • Lighting. Make sure you’re well lit. We suggest from above or the side. 
  • If your ethnic with dark skin, avoid green light. Greenlight can wash out your skin and make you look sickly. 

What Types of Video are Good for Businesses?

According to Joel, there are a few basic videos you should create for business video marketing. He starts a client with 7 core videos:

  1. Content marketing videos. This falls into education. You want to inform your viewers on how to utilize your product or service. Looks to your sales team or customer service team for common questions and answer them with videos. 
  2. Testimonial video. Everyone loves reviews. In fact, most people read reviews to make a purchase decision. When you can get testimonials in video, you can create a very human connection between you and your video. 
  3. About Us video. Let people get to know you! Tell them what you like to do on the weekends when you’re not working. Adding a level of personalization will help people relate to you as a human being rather than a business. 
  4. Product and service showcase video. What do you do? How do you do it? These videos can help people move through the sales funnel.
  5. FAQ videos. Answer those common questions! Take the burden off your sales team and create videos that answer common questions about your product or service. 
  6. Explaining your costs videos. The easiest way to combat objections is to be completely transparent about your costs. This helps them understand what it takes to do what you do. 
  7. Claims videos. If you say you’re the best, create a video proving WHY you’re the best. The more you can explain, the more people will understand your unique value proposition. 

These videos cover your foundation and help your customer to understand you, your business, your products and services, and why you do it. 

Conclusion: Put Video Marketing at the Top of Your List

Video marketing is here to stay. In addition to educating and reaching your users, you’re also helping your team conquer common sales process questions. Moreover, it’s easier for you as a business to create video than to write long blog posts. If you’re not ready to go to the next level with Joel, you can always start small with Zoom recordings or even high-quality cell phone videos. 

Have a question? Need some direction? Contact us here and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.


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