From Virtual Assistant to Virtually Heaven

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In the movie Multiplicity (1996) Michael Keaton as construction worker Doug Kinney is under a lot of pressure, and he just isn’t able to do everything that needs to be done in a day.  With the help of a geneticist, he is able to duplicate himself with clones so that he can have it all and do it all. That was 19 years ago.  Had it been written in 2015 Keaton’s character would have picked up the phone and found himself a Virtual Assistant (VA).

It would have solved everything, albeit ruining a perfectly good comedy.  The whole concept of a Virtual Assistant makes sense.  Think about it:

Many businesses are home-based.

The need for an assistant may be sporadic, so a VA works around your schedule and time of need.

No taxes or unemployment to deal with.

The VA works for you as a subcontractor.

No office supplies, computers to set up, etc.

These are now the responsibility of the Virtual Assistant.

Having a VA frees you up from doing mundane tasks.

You can concentrate on growing your business and other important tasks instead of the day-to-day trivialities.

Business Needs Have Changed

The way we do business has changed drastically over the past several years.  Voice mail, the Internet and email have taken the place of many business meetings or the need to meet clients face-to-face.  A full office is not needed, nor is a full staff.

There are many Virtual Assistants out there, and it’s a good idea to call and talk with the assistant and make sure you connect, just as if you were hiring an employee.  Fees vary based on the level of service needed and time commitment, but it’s a cost that is worth every penny.

Is a VA right for you?  My Clone Solution in Tampa, Florida asks in their website, “What is your hourly rate as a business owner?   Hiring a Clone will take on delegated tasks and save you your hourly rate”

Bottom line, how do you want to spend your time?  An increase in your productivity means more clients.  Michael Keaton would agree.

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