Today we’re joined by Robyn Sayles of Launching Your Success to talk about brand messaging vs. visual branding. If you’re anything like the majority of business owners, you’re either unsure of the difference- or don’t think there is one. 

Branding has evolved over the years. Typically, when you think of a brand it’s the visual elements that come to mind first. For example, you see a particular shade of red and know that it is Coca Cola. You see the green mermaid and know it’s Starbucks. As a business owner, you can’t get to the visual side of branding without perfecting your messaging first. 

What is Brand Messaging?

To keep it simple and sweet: Brand messaging is how you want people to feel about your business. If we go back to the visual cues, Coca Cola red feels like a warm hug. It’s traditional and in a sense, we view Coca Cola as a childhood memory we all have. Their branding and marketing campaigns reflect this. 

Understanding how you want people to feel about your brand helps you create visual branding elements like a logo, website, and color palette that reflects that message. 

The majority of business owners go about branding the opposite way, focussing on their visual elements first. It’s for this reason that we see a lot of companies who rebrand as they develop an identity. To avoid this, solidify your brand messaging first.

What to Thing When Building Your Messaging and Visuals

  1. Your branding is quite possibly the most important aspect of gaining and retaining customers. SO what are you doing right? And wrong? 
  2. Robyn Sayles joins us at My Clone Solutions to help us prevent the constant circle rebranding. She discusses how brand messaging is just as important as visual branding to create a company that can reach their customers properly.
  3. Do you know the difference between visual marketing and brand messaging? What are you doing on both fronts?
  4. You need a strong presence in social media today. Social media is all about branding.

Avoid confusing potential customers with a solid marketing plan from the beginning. Make sure you are covering both Visual Brand AND Brand Messaging. Find out more without guest Robyn Syles:

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