Business Automation: What can be automated?

The hard and fast rule when it comes to business automation: You can automate almost anything.

There are a lot of things that we do in our day that we’re just not wired to do. For example, you can look go out to eat and automate the cooking process. Your business works the same way!

There are some essential functions that every small business owner needs to do. They can sell their product service or idea, assess the current market, and plan for the future. But most other things can be automated such as following up with customers, sending emails, and nurturing new leads.

Because sales are the most vital part of your business this process needs to be executed on a high level. Automation can help make that happen. The first thing to consider automating is the sales funnel follow-up.

The Sales Funnel

For example: After a customer purchases your product or service, thanking them and priming them for another sale is essential. If you have a huge list in your CRM, you may not remember to send everyone the proper follow up email at the right time, consistently. Automate your sales and follow up process by setting up an email sequence within your CRM.

So what happens after you get the sale? The onboarding process begins.

The Onboarding Process

When someone becomes a new customer, they’ll need hand-holding. They’ll need to be shown how to use the product or service effectively. Your customer wants to know that you still care about them even after you’ve received their money. Creating an effective onboarding process to nurture your new customer helps build the know, like trust factor. This opens the door for you to work with them in the future, providing more value for them later.

There are many ways to stay in touch with your new customer and provide them value after the sale. You can send them emails with tips on how to get better at their niche, videos to help guide them through their rough times or even directing them to others in your sphere of influence who can provide value. Get creative for your business as there isn’t one formula that works for everyone, just make sure that you automate your campaign.

Even scheduling can be automated. If you run a podcast and you are trying to coordinate multiple meetings with speakers, things could get complicated. Use an online calendar where people can pick the time they want so you can skip playing phone and email tag. From there, you could use your CRM to automate what happens after the appointment is set. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to automation.

If you can build it, you can automate it

Business automation can be used with e-commerce customer follow up, prospect segmentation, sending proposals or even getting leads. If you can think it, you can automate it. My Clone Solution specializes in helping businesses automate to save time and increase their reach. Need help? We specialize in automation.

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