When It Comes to Building a Website, You’ve Got Options

"Did you know that when it comes to your website you've got options? Don't pick the wrong one!" in white text and a man working on his laptop while wearing a t-shirt

If you’re looking to build a website, the first thing we would tell you is don’t build it yourself.

But….if you just have to try and can’t help yourself, here are few different ways to go, and before we get started, no, we don’t recommend most of them. But in the interest of justice, we’ll give you your options.  

Option 1: We Don’t Recommend Wix to Build a Website

Wix is an easy website platform builder where you can drag and drop pictures and texts into a template. It will help you understand how much work it takes when you’re truly not a web design professional. Spending time toiling with Wix while dealing with limited functionality will prepare you for the awkward conversation you’ll have with your future web designer when they ask “What TF were you thinking?”

Option 2: We Don’t Recommend Squarespace for Building a Website

This is a step up from Wix (a step up in price, too). You do have more options for building a website, but as a busy business owner, there’s a good chance that you’re limited by your ability to understand design. Also remember, if you ever choose to stop paying for Wix, you’ll lose your ENTIRE site. There’s no good way to back up a Squarespace site and you can’t transfer it anywhere.

Option 3: That We DO RECOMMEND: WordPress for Building a Website 

WordPress itself is free.

It comes with any hosting packages that you purchase from anyone. WordPress is transferable which means that if you need to change hosting packages or domain names, you can pick it up and put it somewhere else unlike any of the other builders we’ve referenced in this article. It’s the most customizable. You can quite literally do anything you want…if you know how 😉

Option 4: All the other proprietary software like

Click Funnels, Lead Pages, Google websites, Facebook Sites, or hosting builders like GoDaddy and the other hundreds that are out there. These fall into similar categories as Squarespace and Wix at varying price points. Some of them have very specific uses, but WordPress is always our recommendation because it can grow and scale along with your business.

At the time this article was written, the average website will cost you between 2500-3500. More, if you need additional functionality, such as taking credit cards, registering events, membership logins, online courses, etc

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