Where Can I Get A Good Deal On A Computer? with Louis Ayoub of Intellitechs

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Buying a computer? When it comes to finding a new computer, the process can be overwhelming. We have computers built for gaming, businesses and some that can only access the internet.

When shopping for the perfect computer for your personal or business needs, there are a few basics to keep in mind to make this process as pain-free as possible.

Rule 1: There is no such thing as a good deal. You have to get the right computer for the job.

When people look at the price before they look at value, they often end up buying a computer they’re completely dissatisfied with that doesn’t meet their needs.

Instead, think of the duties you’ll need your new computer to complete and find a system that matches your needs with the specs you want. After you’ve determined that, you can go about comparing similar models.

A few key points to keep in mind when buying a computer:


Picking a computer that’s capable of running all the software you need is important. If you plan on doing lots of video editing and photo manipulation, you’re probably not going to want a netbook or something with a low-end video card. Conversely, if you only plan on using Microsoft Office, Google chrome and a few web-based applications such as QuickBooks and a CRM, you probably won’t need the most powerful computer in the world.


Do you plan on working just a few hours a week, or 10 hour days on your computer? Your usage and workload will play a role in the computer you choose.


What sort of environment do you plan on using your computer in? Will this be something you plan on using when you’re on the go between train and plane rides or is this something that’s going to sit in a home office? These sorts of conditions will influence what type of computer you’re looking for.


When it comes to buying anything, tempering expectations is a surefire way of ensuring long term happiness. Understanding the capabilities and limitations of your new computer before you buy it will go far when it comes to user satisfaction.

Most people in the general public go to Costo and buy the computer that’s on sale with the flashy discount ticket.

Make an Informed Decision

Take time to do your research and understand your unique needs or you risk purchasing a computer that may cause you to lose productivity. Don’t get the wrong computer for the job for the sake of price or you’ll have buyers remorse very quickly.

When it comes to computers being used primarily for business functions, you’re going to want to look for a computer with an Intel i5 or i7 processor for the best overall results.

When it comes to your hard drive, we recommend going with a solid-state hard drive instead of the traditional hard drive. Solid-state hard drives boot up faster and execute commands quicker. These hard drives are less likely to fail and will last a long time.

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