How do I improve my sales in business with Ben Brown of 360 Sales Consulting

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Why Improving Your Sales Skills Makes You More Money

Improving your sales skills is the number one way to make more money. In fact, Ben Brown of 360 Sales Consulting says that sales are the first thing every business should master.  And we agree!  After all, if your business isn’t making sales you’re not growing. If your business doesn’t make more sales- you’re not going to be able to grow.

3 Benefits of Improving Your Sales Skills

Sales skills bring a wealth of benefits, but for the sake of this conversation let’s focus on the 3 quick facts. Above all else, these are the top 3 benefits you’ll experience from improving your sales skills.

1. More money

Who doesn’t want more money? In terms of business, money can solve 75% of your problems as an entrepreneur.  Not only does it allow you to invest in your company, but it also helps you hire the team it takes to support a growing business.

2. More time

You know that project you keep saying you’ll get done? With more sales, you’re going to find that you have more time to help your business grows. Once you can afford a staff that can operate the machine, you can work on fine-tuning the engine.

3 Shortens your sales process

The sales process shouldn’t be time-consuming. As you continue to improve your sales skills, the time you spend on each individual sale will shorten. It used to take us an hour or more to make a sale, now we’re ready to take their money the moment they say ‘I’m ready’.  Mastering what you’re selling, how you’re selling it, and who you’re selling you it to is priceless.


No matter how you slice it, sales are the bread and butter of the business world. Unlocking your potential starts with locking in those sales skills.

Now that we’ve convinced you of the importance of improving your sales, put it into practice.

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