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Why is it important to ask questions in sales with Ben Brown of 360 Sales Consulting

Why It’s Important to Ask Questions in Sales

‘The difference between a good and a great salesperson is the number of questions they ask,” says Benjamin Brown of 360 Sales Consulting.

Why? He’s driven it down to two main points:

1. Questions show interest.

Far too often, sales professionals try to deliver a sermon on a product or service. They talk so much that the client barely has any time to speak. This results in low sales numbers and people who think you don’t care about them or their problems.

2. Sales questions qualify the client.

In addition to letting your potential customers know this is a conversation and not a lecture, asking sales questions helps you nail down whether or not they are a good fit for your product or service. As you ask more questions, you’ll be able to easily identify whether or not the person is qualified.

In summary: When you start asking questions, it personalizes the sales process. People feel like you care when you ask them questions. It’s the easiest way to show you’re engaged with the potential customer. Let the client talk. They will tell you whether or not the product is for them. The answers they give you will lead you to higher sales.

If you are looking for a simple way to improve your sales. Asking questions is a great way to start. If you build an arsenal of sales questions, you can respond accordingly with the conversation at hand. This will help you keep a natural flow to your conversation, while always knowing where you are going next.

If you can get personal with your client, you could potentially walk into more sales. The power of simply asking questions during the sales process can is really powerful. After all, how can you really help if you don’t ask?