What is a Lead Magnet? Why Do You Need One?

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Today we’re answering the question: What is a lead magnet? More importantly, we’re going to tell you why you need one.

What is the Point?

End result: You’re giving them something in exchange for their contact information. This process is the first step inside of any sales funnel. When you put out ads, posts, and emails- you’re converting them with your lead magnet. The moment they do that, they’re a hot lead. After all, they’ve already shown you that they are interested in what you have to say. More importantly, your lead magnet begins to increase your authority with potential clients. In other words, you’re getting them ready to buy. In fact, they’ve consented to you contacting them by opting into your lead magnet.

Ask yourself: Would you ever buy a product worth $1,000 without a taste of what that product actually is? No. And neither will your ideal customers.

What Can You Use as a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet can be very diverse. Here’s a list of our favorites:

  • eBook
  • Video Course
  • Resource List
  • Checklist
  • Free trials
  • Premium account
  • Grader
  • Coupon/Discount
  • Contest or Giveaway

Depending on your product or service, your best option will change. For example, if you’re in a Saas business then a fremium or free trial may work better than a resource list. On the other end, if you’re selling beauty products giveaways and coupons will be a better choice. Whatever you choose, the point is to give a free entrance into your community.

How Do I Choose a Lead Magnet?

As we touched on above, your best option will change according to what your business has to offer. Here’s an acronym that will help you make the best choice:

  • One Problem: Make sure the lead magnet solves one problem for the client.
  • Proper positioning: You need to make yourself seem like a celebrity within your space and highlight your unique value proposition. In other words, you need to sell to your ideal customer persona.
  • Time friendly: Speaking of solving that one problem, you need to make sure your lead magnet offers a quick solution or guide that helps them answer that one problem.
  • Incomplete part of the puzzle: Your lead magnet should introduce your buyer to more problems that you can fix.
  • Next steps: Make sure they know what to do next! Have a strong CTA that leads them on a journey to answer more problems. Aka ‘The follow up’ comes in here.

In other words, you want to encourage the OPTIN that gives you the ability to sell the right thing at the right time.

How Should I Design It? How Do I Deliver It?

Start backward. Develop a roadmap that guides them through the process. Identify the problems. Create the content that solves that problem and is easily consumable. The easiest way to deliver a lead magnet is with a CMS like your website or your email marketing platform. Once they’ve downloaded the lead magnet, it’s time to move them through the sales funnel with a follow-up.

We recommend tracking your customers with Active Campaign. With this service, you can monitor the flow of the lead as they navigate through your lead magnet and ultimately your sales funnel as a whole. As you collect these stats, you can tweak your lead magnet to make it better. And you should always be trying to make it better. No good marketing team leaves a campaign to run without consistent optimization!

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