Why in the heck

 would I want to do it MYSELF

At My Clone Solution, we like to give our clients a range of options that best fit their needs. Some clients prefer to give us the keys and do everything for them, other’s like to be taught and other really just want to do it themselves.

Sometimes we encourage clients to follow our workbooks to get the job done themselves, particularly if the client hopes to build their personal knowledge or are on a tight budget. Completing a project with the Do It Yourself Resources allows you to complete your project at your own pace without any outside pressure. You’ll save money, but spend more time so it really just depends what’s important to you as well as what your opportunity cost is. 

3 Product Coaching

Our 3 product coaching extracts your knowledge and experience to turn it into a course or membership platform that you can sell to others! Make the most of what you already know. 

Create Your Business Brand

So many people outsource their business branding to a random designer without doing their research. Most business owners don’t understand the intricacies when it comes to hiring a branding agency. Our branding workbook teaches you about all the branding process so you can be knowledgeable when you outsource your work. You’ll know  exactly what you want and how to relay that message to your designer…or us. Yes, we do business branding too. 

Sales Funnel

Do you have a plan to get your clients from the first point of contact to loyal repeat customers? If not, your business could be missing out on tons of revenue and easy repeat sales. Consider implementing a sales funnel to drive your customers where you want them to go.

Customer Service Funnel

I’ve seen scenarios where customers continue to use the same bad products because the customer service was so good. Now imagine combining that outstanding customer service with a good product. The possibilities are endless. Customer service should be a methodical process that’s  replicated each time for every customer 



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