Your Time is NOW by Lisa Coleman – The Importance of Understanding the You Are Your Brand ft. Brook Borup – Sep 18, 2023

At My Clone Solutions, we believe in the transformative potential of personal branding and its profound impact on businesses and entrepreneurs alike. We are thrilled to share an exciting collaboration that brings this belief to life! Our founder, Brook Borup, was recently invited as a guest on the esteemed ‘Your Time is Now’ podcast, hosted by the dynamic Lisa Coleman. In this engaging episode, Brook delves into the essential theme of ‘You Are Your Brand,’ emphasizing the significance of personal branding, niche discovery, and online visibility. Join us on this illuminating journey as we explore how My Clone Solutions and Brook Borup’s insights are shaping the future of personal and business growth. Read on to uncover the key takeaways from this enlightening discussion and discover the strategies to control your online presence while building a thriving brand, and the importance of branding in your exit strategy.

Here are the Official show notes, Enjoy!

00:02:47 “Your brand matters; brokers care about profits.”
00:06:42 Real estate agents should create their own brand.
00:08:25 eXp allows agents to brand themselves.
00:14:24 “Finding your niche in real estate.”
00:17:59 Specialist real estate agent targets gay men.
00:21:15 Getting a sales license requires effort and communication skills. Small businesses are important, especially post-COVID. Entrepreneurial spirit is now separated from the non-entrepreneurial. Making money requires hard work, not instant success.
00:22:45 Small businesses are the backbone of America
00:28:42 Plan exit strategy: sell business to agents
00:33:37 Consult me for any business-related questions.
00:36:25 “People don’t say what they mean.”
00:38:57 Genre preference: devil wears Prada, chick flicks. Thanks Brookfor insightful discussion. Book your call for business growth.
00:02:47 Today we will discuss the importance of personal branding in the real estate industry. Your brokerage only cares about their brand, not you. Building relationships and networks should not benefit the brokerage.
00:06:42 Time is money. Real estate agents should create their own brand and team name to sell at the end.
00:08:25 eXp, a disruptive worldwide company, allows agents to have their own identity while still associating with the company. Agents are encouraged to put their name and contact information on signs, regardless of legal restrictions. Some agents have difficulty using their own names due to similar names already being associated with well-known individuals. The suggestion is to purchase a modified version of their name or incorporate the company’s name if necessary.
00:14:24 Finding your niche is important in real estate, as it leads to better referrals and success. It can be challenging, but focusing on a specific market is better than chasing any opportunity for a paycheck.
00:17:59 You need a specialist who understands the struggles and needs of their target audience, like a real estate agent specializing in the gay men couple community.
00:21:15 Having a sales license is easy, but being successful requires phone skills, learning and leveraging passion for sales. Small business ownership is crucial, and the pandemic separated the entrepreneurial spirit. Making money requires hard work and persistence.
00:22:45 Real estate agents must remember they are small businesses, not just representatives of big companies, and need to differentiate themselves in a market dominated by large firms.
00:28:42 Plan for your exit strategy early, whether it’s selling to agents or employees, like an ESOP. Consider Bennett List’s approach to maximizing your real estate business’s value. Tampa Bay has a low 5% retention rate for clients.
00:33:37 Offering a 30-minute “pick my brain” call for business-related questions and providing personalized help and strategies for moving forward in various aspects of running a business.
00:36:25 Understanding others is difficult, especially in business. People filter their thoughts and emotions, hindering effective communication. Helping them overcome anxiety is key.
00:38:57 The person prefers “the devil wears Prada” and chick flicks. They thank Brookfor her time and encourage booking a call with her for business improvement.

Questions Answered in this Episode

1. How important is it for entrepreneurs to plan for an exit strategy from the early stages of building their business?
2. What are some innovative models of selling or transitioning a business, particularly in the real estate industry?
3. How can real estate agents establish a strong personal brand while still working under a brokerage?
4. What strategies can real estate agents use to effectively network and market themselves in order to grow their business?
5. How do personal interactions and building trust play a role in marketing and attracting high-net-worth buyers?
6. What are the benefits and challenges of working with a well-known brokerage versus building your own brand as a real estate agent?
7. How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the way people view entrepreneurship and small business ownership?
8. What marketing strategies can real estate agents use to effectively reach their target audience?
9. How can real estate agents retain ownership and control over their assets, such as branded websites and domain names, when changing brokerages or brands?
10. What advice do you have for individuals who are struggling to identify their niche in the real estate industry?

Key Topics

  • The importance of understanding that You Are Your Brand
  • What happens to YOUR business when you change companies
  • Discovering your niche and directing your brand-building and marketing dollars toward that
  • How to control your name and your business name on the first page of Google
  • How branding is important when it comes to your EXIT STRATEGY


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